Stick instanced objects to surface

Hello there,

I am new to the forum and also relatively new to blender, so I first want to say hi :slight_smile:

For a project at my university I want to achieve an effect that I animated earlier with another 3d app but maybe I will prefer animating it with blender because I can’t afford the other software at home :slight_smile:

It will be a pocket brush:

I think maybe a good way is to animate the base mesh via morphs, but the single brush pins have to stick automatically at the surface (angle depending on polys / points) while it’s animated. Later the pins will have to be at exact positions (they are just random right now) - I think I can set up a point grid where I can stick the pins to. Maybe you can help me how to achieve this animation with blender.

The second thing is - it has to be rendered stereo 3d anaglyph. Maybe you know some good plugins to render this stereo (some advanced settings would be nice here).


I discovered DupliVerts - it looks very promising for my purposes. Where can I find it at 2.5?

From the Object / Duplication panel

Okay, seems to run now - thanks.


Hi again,

I experimented for a while and the duplication on faces works well:

But for my project I will need to place those pins at fixed points via verts. Till now it’s giving me a results like this:

I tried to rotate the base pin, but couldn’t get it look like the version of the faces based orientation - any ideas?

I found this hint at the online manual about dupliVerts, but don’t know how to achieve this:
"I had to take special care to be sure that the tentacle was located at the sphere center, and that both the tentacle axis and the sphere axis were aligned with the world axis (Local reference of the tentacle). "

Ok - got it - aligned the base and parent objects’ axis with the world axis first - now it works with the other axis buttons…

Any chance that the base surface won’t be automatically hidden when rendering out? Please remember - it’s not a still - it will be an animation where the surface will be morphed.