Stickman Rpg - Free to join


The game hasn’t been growing for a little wile because of the hollidays etc. And I have put only a little time in it so far… But I just wanted to open a thread if anyone would liek to join me.

Here the thread of my game:

I make the game for my final assignment. Which I need to hand in in about 1 1/'2 year. So I’ll put a lot of efford into the game.

If you wanna join PM or mail me with the things you want to make.

[email protected]

Thanks a lot

i like to join im good at modelling and game logic

ok heres a small demo of a fighting and weapon system,u have to click the left mouse button to can pick up objects by going near them and pressing enter

omg, the dude is made out of more the 2k verts, definitely need to lower that by at least 1k… Seems ok though. Keep at it.