sticky boids

I have a boids particle system, but I can’t seem to make the particles sticky.

If there is another way to achieve what I want here is what I’m trying to do: I want to make arrows, so that when they hit the target they stop, a sunken in a little bit…

~thanks for any help.

Seems to be the whole function ofboids is centered around steering and avoiding but not colliding sticking or stopping.

I would think a better method would be to copy or duplicate the path of one arrow offset by space and time. Not sure how you do that in Blender but I am sure it is possible. That is unless you have intelligent magic arrows or something cool like that going on where they are flying around stuff, then maybe you’d have to find a way to combine the physics motion with keyframe animation. There are tricks to do that but I am not up on the best ways in Blender.

That does indeed seem to be the case. I wonder if the blender implementation could include these features however.

Looking at the docs there does not seem to be a control for stopping. Would be cool though. Wonder if anyone else has a better answer.