Sticky Liquid Simulation

This feels kind of cheap asking directly, but I’ve been looking around for an hour without a solution. I’m trying to do a mock up of the Daredevil introduction, where liquid is running down off invisible objects. Now I know how to make the objects invisible, but still collisions, and how to make individual fluid droplets run down, but I’m having trouble getting the fluids in Blender to stick to the sides and undersides of objects.

I’ve upped the viscosity of the liquids without much effect, I’ve enabled “no slip” on both the domain and the objects, but the liquid still just stays on the top and sprays off the side. I don’t actually know if I’m missing some feature that the fluid simulation is able to become more sticky with one simple slider, if I’m missing a whole combination of sliders you need to adjust to make it happen, or if the task is too complicated for Blender fluid simulation to handle.

Apologies if this has already been raised, I imagine it has, but after looking I couldn’t see the answer.

Although the standard fluid sim doesn’t have an option for “stickiness”, you can use SPH fluid particles combined with a collission object which does have a “sticky” option. The fluid particles can then be meshed using pyroevil’s CubeSurfer addon.

Here’s a couple of my early attempts: