Sticky / magnet ?

I see there has not been a question on this in a while: I want the cube I move around to be able to go to another cube and start ‘dragging’ that one around with it, as if it was sticky or magnet.

Any ideas on how to do this? Preferably without python, but options with scripting are ok, too.

Yea, instead of dragging…
Have the object Track to the player and Dloc forward on the local Y axis, when the player hits the drag key or whatever, and it is colliding with the player.

without the collision sensor, it will act like a magnet or a vacuum cleaner.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah it does, thanks!

Still got some oddity to stamp out, though, like the time-delay between movement (player moves, object takes time to catch up). Any suggestions?

Where do you find the track to option that works in the Game Engine? I know how to do that outside of the game engine, but not inside it.

Oops just found it in the edit object actuator. Never noticed it there before.