Sticky mapping?

What does the map input option “sticky” do? In the doc it says only that it uses the object local, sticky coordinates. But what are the sticky coordinates especially in contrast to the local, original coordinates used by “orco”?

Sticky apply the texture to the model from the point of view of the camera. It’s different from “view”, because it “sticks” the texture from the original camera pov but then you can move the model and the texture stay fixed. You have to select the sticky-make option in the edit window.


Understandable… but can you specify some situation in wich this might come in handy ?


matching realworld footage with 3D action for accurate shadows and lighting

that, and you can match up a 3d modelled object of a pic or a sillouette of an object on a pic, press Make Sticky, and then the image of the object will be “stamped” onto the sillouette. For example, i could have a pic of a person standing in the grass, and a plate without the person. I could make and fill (shift-f) a sillouette of the person, press make-sticky, and use that textured sillouette on the b/g plate. then i could animate the sillouette and make the person float or whatever. VERY usefull for compositing and special effects. OH, and u can use it to duplicate objects. very fun :slight_smile: