Sticky nodes? (drag-n'-stick-n'-click-to-drop-issue)

So why is the nodes suddenly using drag-n’-stick-n’-click-to-drop instead of normal drag-n’-drop…?

When was this implemented? It’s just so stupid. I feel like Capt. Haddock in Tintin: Flight 714 when he flips out over that sticky band-aid… How hard can it be to make stuff so they work like they should, just a normal click-drag-n’-release-functionality like we do with everything else…? :frowning:

So anyone know if/how I disable this crap?

I haven’t seen this with any version of Blender.

Think you’ve found a buglet.

Grrr, no, it’s worse, it’s a f*kn feature. Not even kidding. Tro drag n’ drop in the nodes editor with your RMB and you have it there, now imagine setting Blender to be LMB friendly… Sux. :frowning:

But thanks, your answer led me into the right track.

I’m still not seeing what you’ve described. Do you mean there’s an option buried somewhere that changes mouse behaviour so you have to click again to drop?

Yes, when being an ass, like me, and switching to the Maya shortcuts, Blender gets even by implementing stuff like that specifically to make me mad enough to slap nearby people around without any other reason… ;D

And it’s exactly as you descriope, you have to LMB-click to release the node, hehe… And I tested with a couple of different builds yesterday, they all do this. It’s a feature. ;D

And I was seriously in a bad mood when posting this yesterday, it just slowed down my whole workflow to an almost standstill for a while, I was just mentally looping in frustration about what was going on, hehe… xD