Sticky Particles

I’m using a particle system and trying to get particles to stick to an object but am having no success. I’ve selected the “sticky” option in the effectors tab but this doesn’t seem to change anything. What else is needed for this to work?

Good question, same problem here…

Try increasing particle friction.

Turn on collision on the thing you want the particles to stick to .
-turn on “Kill particles”

Select your particle system
-turn the lifetime up.

  • under “Render” tab, turn on “Died”


dieonhit.blend (224 KB)

There still seems to be a bug in the stick particles of 2.5.

Consider what happens in this scene. The particles end up stuck floating in space, not to the sphere.


25_sticky_particle_bug.blend (154 KB)

The particle space-sticky “bug” was just because “died” was turned on in the render settings. I turned it off , turned up the sticky , dampness, and the friction on the collision settings


turned_died_off.blend (430 KB)


That scene is shaping up into a nice demo.

Thanks so much!