Sticky Proposal: Free Blender Character Rigs

There are now a number of free character rigs available for Blender, and I think it would be very helpful if links to them were all gathered in a central thread, preferably stickied in this forum.

Ones that come to mind immediately: Mancandy, Otto, Blendy, Squash and stretch ball, Ludwig, BlenRig, etc. I’m sure I’m missing some, which is why I think this would be a good idea. When someone publishes a rig, they could PM a moderator to ask them to add it to the list or update the link if the rig is simply being updated. This places the responsibility on the rig maker to get their rig listed and kept up-to-date, the mods don’t have to keep an eye out for whenever a new one pops up.

good idea LOTRJ,
aj-mouth rig
cute bear
bunny character
mouse rig
red nelb
theres also some dragons, many other great rigs are getting around also.

You could put links to them in the “Selected Animation Threads” sticky in the Support forums Animation section. Or, since Meta has provided a good provisional list of links just put a link to this thread there. That way you don’t have to wait for mods, you can do it yourself.


There’s a sticky in the contests / activities forum, but it would make sense to have that one in here as well.

i would put this to support section not in artwork section.


Very good idea!

I’d put that on Blendernation
as there’s “blender tutorials” section, there could as well be a… “blender contents” page with :

  • links to free rigs
  • links to blender repositories

what do you think of that ?

we could ask to the authors of the above rigs, that the latter be (more) documented. And the blendernation admins could give their approval (if they’re asked at the beginning, that would spare us from facing a denial at the end after all the work).


Myself, I think this should be moved to somewhere. It’s a really useful resource.

And I might add: Little_FellaX

bump (To add stickman and devil.)