Sticky's first movements! (short animation)


I’ve been working on a quite simple animation with an even more simple model of mine, just to get familiar with rigging, skinning and all that. It’s all going fairly smooth right now, mesh deforming is a bit tough to get right but I’ve got it to look at least half-decent for most poses.

Anyways, I have about 150 frames of animation as it is now, and I plan to add a bunch more since right now there’s no real story behind it all. However, I want to render the current ones now to make it feel like I have SOMETHING concrete to show people at least.

But before I smash up the render I’d want someone else to comment on the model and the overall composition of the scene.

Composition with lights and all. I wanted to achieve a foggy-like in-house atmosphere, but without making it too complicated:

The model. I made it through extruding and spinning (for the head) circles. Eyes, mouth and nose were made through Cubes though:

I’m mostly looking for crits on lighting and such, but feel free to critisise anything you find … off.

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I forgot to include the floor in the view picture. Added in now, for a more foggy effect.

Second Edit:

Animation at Fourth post or so.

looks interesting. it would be cool if it stuck to walls.

Hmm, something like this?

I put it up for rendering now, while waiting for that to finish, can someone recommend to me which video encoder to put the frames together with later on? I don’t care all that much about size, just small enough for everyone to be able to download it fairly fast. That also means people on Linux has to be able to view it (I don’t know if .wmv is supported by any players for that platform)

Ps. It’s gotta be a free one

Pps. Sorry if this has been covered a billion times before, I just couldn’t find a concrete answer on it.

Hah, rendering complete!

Here’s my 5 seconds of animation! I plan on adding about twice as much to make it into a small story though. But till then, enjoy ^^

Sticky’s first movements

Lemme know what you think of it will ya!