Stiff Soft Bodies?

I would like to animate several postcard shaped objects that have a slight concavity to them (a slight upward arc). They need to fall together and land on a plane. They need to have some spring in them when they land, but spring back to their original shape once they settle with the consistency of thin cardboard or photo paper.

I am using a mesh I converted from a NURBS surface, that I extruded to have the thickness of a postcard. I would think that I could animate this using the soft body physics, but the center of the card sags no matter what I do.

I am able to get it to nearly work when I create the arc in the postcard object from half of the rounded side of a cylinder and reduce the gravity to nearly 0, but that only gives me concavity along one axis, but I need concavity along X & Y (like the default NURBS surface).

I’m using Blender 2.54 Beta

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know about softbody part, but I suggest instead of extruding the thickness, use the solidify modifier.

I usually do not that much with this, but scaling the cards down might help.
If you keep in mind that for physics 1BU = 1 meter your cards might be quite large.

I hope it helps

turn up the push and pull values to above 0.9 in the softbodies settings

something about the title made me laugh… so what exactly are you going to use this for??

(gutter mind… heh)