Stiletto Water Drop

Hey guys, was just thinking of something random to do the other night so i did this stiletto water drop. Its rendered in cycles at 1000 passes. The shoe is from blendswap by Maika the water and simulation was done by me critique if you would like and let me know what yall think.

That’s pretty cool! :slight_smile: Cycles? Be better if a leg was in it. :eyebrowlift:

great! particles in the water would push this over the edge, have you seen Andrew Price’s take on this style?

Yes i have been following andrew price the man is very good at what he does. If you guys think particles would push this over the edge i will go back and put particles in it and try to have an updated version back up tonight. Also what do you think it would take to get something like this featured ive been trying to make something that would get featured and so far have failed

Wow, Nice job! The back of the shoe where the ankle should go should probably be brought down. When I modeled these shoes they originally had straps thats why it looks like that. Your render may look more realistic If you have small bubbles around the bottom of the shoe.

I’m not sure the mods will feature what is essentially a demo. While it looks cool and all, I think for something to be featured the artist will have to put a bit more thought into it than randomly tossing a found asset into a fluid domain. Besides, the shoe must weight a ton to entrain that much air with it.