Still a life

I guess I’m done. Final thoughts before submission?

The fruits look velvety, the leaves could use translucency or sss, and there should be more light to brighten up the image.

Agree with nivos. Grapes also needs sss.

Oh, you posted here for focused critique. I answered in your WIP thread this evening.

Thanks for the thoughts on it guys. I could keep tweaking it for eternity but I’m quite satisfied with the effect now so I’m giving it a go as it is.

shine would be wonderful here. like was mentioned the velvet look

A very slight specular highlight would really liven up those green grapes. A highlight on the edge of the table would also be a great detail to bring out the intensity of the light. And while your light may not cast that much light onto the scene as a whole, there are specular highlights on the cockroach, the glass and the leaf stem on frame right. The table would just make sense to have a highlight.

Beyond that, you had a great idea to break up the silhouettes of the table and fruit by overlapping your objects. The cockroach is fairly isolated, but I think you pulled it off with the pills.

One last thing: watch the tangent on the bottom where the edge of the image meets the edge of the table. I’d crop it either slightly into the table or slightly below it, but not as close as you have it now. The line of black is just too thin to ignore.

Overall, well done and well composed. Like you said, you could tinker and play and adjust to infinity, but you need to stop at some point.

I am not sure why you would post a finished picture here, get feedback and say you aren’t going to fix the problems. I think the picture is a great start but the comments are very valid. Fix the fruit at least. The light levels are really an artistic call, IMOHO.

Ooh, I really like this. The still life is beautiful and very ‘artsy’ and then there are the unusual elements that really make the picture say something. I’m not sure what the pills are saying though…but as I said, I like it. :yes: