Still a little confused about LibLoad

So I’m using Libload a LOT in my game, only loading the .blend file when needed. When you load the .blend file with Libload, does it put everything that is in that file into memory? Are all the textures, meshes, logic bricks etc… loaded immediately into memory, or does it only load in the active layer?

For example, I am loading the .blend file when the player is within a certain distance of an object. Within that blend file there are quite a few objects, some with LOD working away behind the scenes. Is there any way to just load the Low LOD into memory, and ONLY load in the high res asset into memory when absolutely needed? Would I need to have my LOD system working with LibLoad as well, so that each LOD is in a seperate file?

Hope this makes sense :confused:


In such situation I always do a stress tests like create high poly mesh(say one or two million vertices) or use hires textures (say 10000x10000 px) as the long lags give you a hint what is being loaded and when.