[1] This is not a contest.
[2] This is not an UPBGE troll thread (I don’t want this thread locked, so please be nice)

Hi all.

I’ve seen a lot of this :arrow_down: and was wondering is this based on myth or fact.
Pros using Vanilla BGE
Begineers using UPBGE

Which one do you use (?)

    • (default) BGE
    • (3rd party) UPBGE
    • BOTH
    • Haven’t used either enough to form an opinion

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what’s the purpose of this survey ? If you see more BGE games, it’s because it’s older and upbge came when the use of Blender as a game engine went on a decrease (look forum activity - 3,4 games are updated, around 2010-12 i see more activity). Also, i think that most people start their game on BGE (just to see) and 'll figure later if they want to port it to upbge. But as you know, most people give up on their game.


I created this poll for several reason.

[1] I’ve been debating whether or not I should switch to UPBGE due to BGE versions not being compatible with UPBGE.

[2] Is Vanilla BGE really dead and the community hates it.

[3] People don’t even know BGE exists and think UPBGE is just another new game engine built for gamemaking.

The physics can be a bit wonky if you don’t know what you’re doing.
With that aside, it’s the same engine plus goodies and bugfixes.


I still use the BGE. It was in reverse for me. I used UPBGE but then I worked backwards and went back to BGE because UPBGE was not as stable for my very narrow purposes. HOWEVER UPBGE is amazing and has tons of awesome features.


The files I created were done in the game engine, when I tried them in a copy of the blender community custom program, they didn’t load correctly. So I’d stick with the game engine. The foundation put an end to it, I guess if I want to use anything I created in the new versions, may be just using the main objects and then build a level around it is the solution. Sparks effects for weapons are available in the new versions aren’t they?

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Hi @modelinblender

Do you mean Particle_System perhaps (?)

What ever, I don’t know.


:ok: :wink:

Hey all

Epic tie with 7 vs 7 on BGE vs UPBGE.

Anymore more BA users who care to comment on their preferred engine (?)

well, we know now that there’s not lot of people around on this forum/bge

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this is a per game or experience based decision. you should choose what to use based on what works for you.

try a game on upbge 0.2.0 and if it doesnt work, try on other versions till you get a more satisfying result. if not, find a work around. its very much a game to make a game :wink:

HI @Daedalus_MDW

I already decided on which game engine I’m going with.

Ultimately now, I just want to see if BGE beats UPBGE or vice-versa.

[ EDIT ]
Pick your engine.
We all know your pro BGE :wink:

my pick is 2.74 vanilla bge. ill move to another engine before parting ways it.

i have to use upbge 0.2.0 for a project im helping on, and its pretty solid.


So do the (BOTH) button please :slightly_smiling_face:

[ EDIT ]
You already chose BGE.
Never mind.


uuhhhmmm :thinking: idk guys to me UPBGE seems to have more capabilities!


:thinking: :grin::+1: and i think that TBW has proven that already!



But i like yr POLL keep bringing up things like this then we’ll get to see the users that are still actively developing their games on the Game Engine side of The Blender Software!


UPBGE - EEVEE starts a new Branch and lineage for future of UPBGE to carry on the Legacy that BGE started, and @BluePrintRandom agree’s with me on this one! (And i say this BOLDLY)

The only problem with BGE is that its not being updated that’s my problem with it i can make a game from start to finish on BGE normal but i feel my game wont meet the targeted expectations that normal users would expect out of a game being made in this day and age but using an old Engine!

Like ive always said in the past the Engine doesen’t matter its meerly just a tool (A means to an End) the Tool is supposed to help us do what we would be able to do in other Game Engines but with a much better workflow!

WORKFLOW is ONE of the only reasons why we’re all here using this Engine!
and also because its Easy to use let alone Python Coding too…

I may be wrong in my statement but i hope my point has been stated clearly to express my point of view.

and @RandomPerson im asking you PLEASE, i ask KINDLY pls don’t point out anything ive just said in this message like you normaly do in a Trollish way to others, i may be completely wrong in my own opinions and point of view but i accept the fact that im not perfect at all no one is, so pls understand buddy. (I ask Kindly)

im kindly saying my point in this message, im not here to start a feud or a WAR or be biased against anyone’s views i completely accept your point of view’s too, so pls understand my point!

Not a Troll Either! (Im just a simple fanboy trying to express my personal view’s and expressions nothing more)




I guess your not trying to start a BGE WAR with THE BLENDER WARS :wink: :rofl: :grin:

But I get what your trying to say :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Long live BGE! (somewhat)


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If I had to choose a graphics engine… I think I’d go with OGRE. Really capable, simple MIT license, prefers you to code in C++ like a big boy. The problem is in order to make a game engine out of OGRE you need to go a few extra miles, it’s not very friendly towards a total begginer.

Blender, on the other hand, is pretty light-weight, doesn’t require you to surf through any additional libraries and let’s you do your art and logic stuff back-to-back. Hell yeah.

All in all, “way simple yet pretty darn capable” is how I’d describe most incarnations of BGE.