Since your hopefully really replying to me & not @Fred_K.S or @BluePrintRandom . . .

I can only say that the only way BGE has spark_effects are from textures or animated_sprites(multiple_textures) so I don’t quite know what you mean about sparks being in BGE :thinking: perhaps your thinking of this :arrow_down: add-on (?)

& Also for UPBGE sparks ask @BluePrintRandom. He is making impressive work on that improved engine (never said it wasn’t @BluePrintRandom :wink:)
I don’t use UPBGE so I can’t really help you in that department anyhow. But there are multiple people here who do use UPBGE. I think they would be more then happy to help you with your UPBGE questions.


Well, upbge has support for sparks, energy particles for weapons, scifi stuff? I tried sparks effect in the spider shoot mini game I created, using Tim’s tutorial, the guy from New Zealand. It partially worked, it didn’t work when shooting at the spider to have a spark display once that happened, but the sparks did appear on the wall.

I’m considering marking your reply as solution :laughing:

This poll seems over anyhow.

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I really want to know how to actually create some sort of scifi effects, blender game engine is rubbish for this. Upbge was suppose to have more features and power, right?

Since @BluePrintRandom is busy with BGMC I will advertise / link his thread for him :wink:

This thread is UPBGE 3.0 :arrow_down:

Has flashy new effects.

Watch the YouTube videos.

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it pretty much comes down to “git gud”. effects are not easy in any game engine. upbge simply provides more tools to push effects further.

unless you download others assets, there is no one button effect maker.

you need to

  • create or render the effect in cycles, photoshop, etc
  • bake to textures and place in objects
  • construct a bge shader to compliment the textures
  • build the logic to spawn in and display the desired effect

i personally have no effects so far in my game, just bc its so hard and i have no artistic ability.

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Hmm, well I don’t know what to do then. In upbge only one mini game worked, which was the spider shoot out one.

I want sparks to appear once the bullet hits in the spider, and when firing the gun. I also wanted this for the robot mini game too.

to make sparks use bloom and spawn objects that are bright.

spawning a lamp for 5 frame is cool too.

my temporal bloom can be tuned to leave tracers.

I need a tutorial to do this. Is there any example of this? See how it looks.

Dude I already gave you a link to his thread which has UPBGE effect videos :slight_smile:

Sure you mean the video above, that is for Blender game engine. I want to try and add a spark effect for the bullet is fired.

Oh, I thought you meant this :arrow_down:

When you actually meant this :arrow_down:

I will try to find a good tutorial for you.
Usually sparks are just animated Textures anyhow.

Only one game I have works in upbge, I thought that was the solution to making sparks and that sort of stuff.

So in blender game engine, if that is possible using textures, which I did try for sparks for hitting a wall, that worked, but not very well. It was from a video tutorial.

So a bullet needs to be a energy effect, and perhaps when hitting an AI could there be a spark effect bouncing off metal.

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Wait a sec. To clarify you want bullet_hit_marks right :thinking: :grey_question:
Not gun muzzle-flares :grey_question:

Why can’t you just have the bullet(or raycast) when hit object turns into --> Blood or Squashed bullet :grey_question:

Not sure what you mean. This is the bullet in the mini games

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Ok @modelinblender -
I think you are trying to make a bullet turn into a hit-mark when it collides with an enemy / obstacle :thinking:

Usually modern games use raycast-bullets & not physical-bullets.

I will try to make a blend file demo for you when I am done with my dead-lines.

For now, have you seen these BGE hit-mark tutorials :arrow_down: :grey_question:

Cotaks does not use bullets with collision. i use a ray that cast in front of the bullet.

all he needs to do is follow that movie, and use bullet_hole.worldPosition details to add sparks next to the bullet hole it self.

or even spawn the sparks same time when creating the bullet hole

or if he want’s real sparks the spawning a few small cubes that moves in random direction would work.

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Bullet holes, or sparks aren’t really what I want. I already have a sparks effect that was created using that old video there. The sparks work on the wall in the Proteus battle file, but not on the AI. As for the bullet, I want an energy effect.

Like in the film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZvv1PPsiBo

If you download the Proteus file you can see for yourself. The spark effect does work, but it isn’t that great, but I am mainly after the bullet effect. I will have to try this for the other file, cotaks put his bullet program thing setup for it, so I’m not sure on an effect, as there is already a bullet mark on the AI.

I think you are looking for Shaders :thinking:

Perhaps something like this :arrow_down: :grey_question:

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