Still alive !

(sten) #1

I am still here, somewhere alive, even if none of you haven’t seen me in here commented stuff recently, don’t know why, but I guess I am bored of all stuff, either in here or in general 8)

(BgDM) #2

Aww man! This just sucks. I thought you had gone for good, never to return. At least that’s what I expected. We don’t want you here. So just go away!!

J/K BTW! :wink:

Now go blend something before I slap you with a trout.


(S68) #3

/me handles BgDM a trout.blend


(sten) #4

I guess I suck somehow 8) sniff

(rogerm3d) #5

Welcome Back :smiley:
Now get outa here you lazy bum :wink:
Go and do somecool stuff blending

(theeth) #6

Hey ztonzy! I’m still waiting for that tutorials of yours you know :smiley:


(paradox) #7

Hi Stonzy, good to see you back. Now to see some new stuff. The cure for boredom is to do something. Simple huh.

(sten) #8

heh, well, thanks… :-?

theeth: I will see what I can pull up from my hat 8)

paradox: must it be Blenderwork as 3D tool :wink: ?? hehe

(S68) #9

Come on!!!

We want to see some of the high quality work you can produce , when you want :wink:


(sten) #10

hey, my creativity has finally seen some light :smiley:

check for the topic “Rocket” in the WIP forum,
I now that you aren’t happy about cross posting,
so I just tell the topicname :wink:

please add some comment to it, if you like…

Good night and thanks wp/SLID3 !!

(LohnS) #11

you rooooooooooock =D