Still Art - Common Procedure practice questions

Hey all, quick few questions.

i’m focused more on modeling, and learning the most there is to know about high detailed modeling. i’ve put together a few sculpts and now i’m interested in throwing on materials and textures to these high poly models.

i’ve gone through the “Low Poly Character Training series” and learned about baking Normals, ambient occlusions, and the unwrap coordinates for my mesh pieces, but these pertain to a low poly design in this case. . .

so my question:
Is it common practice when sculpting high detail, to then retopology your model with a low poly version, bake all above maps and then apply these maps + graphics you paint onto the low-top model?

You can’t animate a sculpted character so its very common to create a “low-poly” version to make it animatable. Of course these “low-poly” models don’t have to be really low-poly like for a game, they can still have a few thousand vertecies. It’s just important to have a nice topology to make it deform nicely if animated.