Still available to join a project/create

Finally come to the conclusion, subliminally i knew this but
finally admitted to myself i cant make a game on my own. Im looking to join a team or someone who is serious and
ambitious in what they want to create.

These are various skills i can do within in blender:
Animate, Model, two years+ working in logic bricks/small bit of python
working with different type of maps, spec, diffuse, normal, baking with use of nodes.
Lighting levels, creating rooms seamless with door ways/windows.
Adding environmental objects such as radiators, vents, skirting boards
electric lines, power boxes, stairs…etc

I`m generally looking at survival horror or first person shooter, i just want to
state i do this as a hobby in my spare time to unwind not for money.
If you interested in working with me to create something drop a message. :slight_smile:

I would like to create a openworld voxel game where you drive vehicles or control vehicles with guns on them.Make bases to attack enemies.control a army in rts mode.control one of the soldiers in vehicle or not in vehicle in firstperson.Mine resources to make buildings and guns.Hunt animals for food and buy weapons.

Yeah a open world game like gta really intrigues me, it would take a long time to
do unless you have a big team.

Keep your dreams small for your first few blender games.

Yeah as always.

PM sent Maseratzi

Just build the player mechanics and work from there.

I usually did that in Blender. But in Unity I don’t do it like that so much.

We have sent you a private message.