Still...bullet direction messed up, how to set it up..

Hi all,
How to set up empty which shooting bullet?, the bullets in messed up when I go forward while shooting… here is the blend, how to fix it?

IMO, the best way to make bullets for a FPS is to use a ray sensor. I’m pretty sure you could get the bullets (as you have them now) working, I usually have the best results using DLoc, but maybe someone could give you better advice.

If you want to implement the ray sensor (which I suggest), try downloading Social’s FPS template and use the ‘bullethole’ and ‘bforce’ scripts. Most everything works off the crosshair. Also, you can download my example, which is really just a modified version of it with scene changing and save/load functions added.

hi S-Cross,
there is too much object… what should I set up first? is all the objects used in your FPS, is there any tutorial how to set this FPS template?

Well, my ‘game’ would be a little easier because it’s simple®. I don’t think there are any tutorials.

I believe you need the Ammo, Mag, Crosshair, trigger, trigger detect objects. You could build them yourself or group them all together and append them to your game. Then on layer 2 there are a few things, it would be easiest to just group and append everything in layer 2 to your game.

*If you’re new to BGE, this won’t be an easy task, but if you get though it you will have learned a lot.

Or, delete all the stuff you dont need, like the walls, boxes etc…then just use whats left over… you need a ground though because its used in the python.

Ya, This would probably be easiest. He could append everything from his game into Social’s template or my uh … ‘whatever’. On the downside, he will have learned absolutely nothing. :evilgrin: