Still Cant solve collision :(

Ive been reading a lot of threads from search option with regards to collision detection with a rigged character by using a wired box. parenting, no collision and others.
But I still cant solve my problem, its still passing through the walls like ghosts! :frowning:

here’s my blend file. I just placed a plane instead of box, I change its state as a wire not shaded. please help me. :frowning: thanks
bitoy walk.blend (422 KB)

bitoy walk.blend (431 KB)

take a close look at whats parented to what and game the physics :yes:

hope it helps

OMG! thank you so much!! :slight_smile: this is so helpful. This is how i understand the whole sensor.
you add an empty thingy inside bitoy’s body. then the armature and the mesh is in no collision state. and parent the armature and the mesh to the empty sensor? correct?
or is it the other way around, the empty sensor parented to the mesh?

with this empty sensor, change in dynamic state, then added sensors controllers and actuators.

Now im wondering why my character bounces back before hitting the wall…? why does it happen? during the stage when i was learning blender, i used a simple box with the movement forward backward and sideways too, but i havent encountered this part when this it doesnt collide with the object yet it already bounces.

another question, i tried changing the color of my box and my plane, how come when i change the color of the box, it change the color of the objects. iTs as if they are just one mesh.

thanks sir!