Still can't walk - please, help

I found it difficult to find an up to date tutorial how to create a walk cycle, prevent the character sliding on the ground and easy enough for me to understand.

Mancandy blend-file the character doesn’t seem to have any leg bones, so how can it move it’s legs anyway? The blend-file itself is not helping if there is no explanation how things should be done and what is the meaning of all steps, um… phases.

So, what is the up to date -method to learn how to walk - without sliding? Do you know any step by step tutorials about this? I prefer video tutorials while written tuts may have some untold but important gaps what to do, or there might be even some mistakes. Even then there are no mistakes, it troubles all the time if you can’t achieve the results which are told to happen. I’m sure many of you have had this chilling feeling.

P.S. Stride tutorial was an example of this kind of annoying tutorial. For example, the stride path gave instructions how to rotate a wheel following a path. I did that, but it rotated only once unlike the animation that was embedded on the tut web page. Any changes to my wheel via nla or so lead to weird behaviour, like still rotating at the end of the path etc.

You can try my walkcycle video tutorial, goes over walk cycles and moving around. This technique guarantees no foot slip

please excuse the spieling mistakes in the tut, I’m dyslexic

for the wheel rotations, you need to set the extend mode to extrapolation in the IPO window
mancandys legs are IK(inverse kinematics), try moving the foot bones around :wink:

Thank you! I’ll try that one. If there are some issues that needs some explanations, perhaps you don’t mind if I ask.

no problem :slight_smile:

See HERE for info on using the rig. Use the feet IK targets, move the foot and the rest of the leg will follow.


there are some problems with that part 2. Unlike part 1 it won’t open to my computer. It downloaded anyway. Would you check it?

the file seems to have become corrupted, this one work?

Got it! Thanks! Now it takes awhile trying to learn as much as possible. You used some techniques already in part 1 I’m not so familiar with, although perhaps I’ve tested some of them.

Thank you.
I think it was based on an essential link (to get a .blend-file) which didn’t work

Do you know any other good pages about this? Sure I can google, but it is better to concentrate on those which are recommended by someone.