still got ati problems

ok i have tried all the solutions to the ati slowdown solution and when i try using the standard atioglxx.dll nothing happens but when i use the atioglgl.dll and rename it to atioglxx.dll my interface and everything speeds up to normal again but when i try to play a game in blender i only get about 5 fps when i should get around 60 and this problem is fixed when i take the drivers out of my blender folder and the same thing happens when i use nvidias drivers

come on people help me out i know someone out there has to know

This ain’t what you want to hear but this is where I’m at.

I have 200 xpress onboard and IMO all the fixes that involve renaming a file are doing the same thing as shutting off all acceleration. This gives very fast response in Blender unless working with heavy scenes with textures. I’ve managed to work around this so far -most of my work at this time is animation of toonish models in simple scenes with little or no textures applied.

I recently tried the newest ATI driver which fixed the progressive slowdown prob but it still gave a lag in Blender and also gave me an intermittent prob of a blank screen no matter what app being used. So I had to rollback to what I had and go back to turning off acceleration when I use Blender.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only real fix is to buy or build myself another PC that I can install an Invidia board into.

im wondering is this a problem with ati’s drivers or is it a problem with how blender is coded