Still have confusions about basic meshes and faces

confused.blend (773.4 KB)

I am trying to figure out what is going on with some of this stuff. I am not understanding some basic thing because I do not get why I can not just get rid of this part. I manage to use this object to project it apon a peice of mesh that good mesh that will show faces that has been subdivided. So I use that for modeling. But this. I do not know what to do with this oject to make it useable. Or even use it as a projection object because I do not understand what its doing with the faces. It seams not all vertices are created equal. ? a vertice should be a vertice and if there are differences between some and others how do I get to find those differences out. ? I just do not get why sometimes when I select a groups of vertices it does one thing when I put faces on it but then the next time it does something else. I need to understand how to know more about a mesh. Are there utilities that help examine a mesh ? Do I have a way to rip into the code and see what the devil is happening under the scenes ?
Many thanks for all your guyses help !

You can certainly just delete any of those faces. Click the face selection mode in the top left corner, click the dot in the center of a face, and press delete.

This won’t help you though, if I’m understanding your goals properly. You want to cut a hole out of the figure, yes? The problem is, the face making up the horse and rider doesn’t have any holes, so deleting the other faces, which are only layered on top, won’t do anything. Think of it like a piece of paper, with smaller pieces of paper glued on top. Peeling away the top layer won’t change what’s underneath.

I don’t know if it’s the simplest option, but I was able to cut the holes away by:

  1. Selecting all of the faces I wanted to remove.
  2. Sliding them downward a little (G to grab, Z to confine to Z axis, then move mouse)
  3. Extruding them back upwards so they passed through the larger face (E, Z, pull up)
  4. Selecting the rest of the faces on the new extruded blocks (CTRL+L)
  5. Separating them into a new object (P -> Selection)
  6. Leaving edit mode and selecting the horserider face again.
  7. Adding a boolean modifier, set to difference, object is the extruded blocks.
  8. Hide the extruded blocks (H, with them selected)


unconfused.blend (938.3 KB)

All vertices are indeed equal. The ones in the middle were just part of their own disconnected faces.

Hope that helps.

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Very cool thank you for showing me how do that. The bolean does work like you said.