Still having broken poly's appear on perfect geometry

Im not sure what is going on here so could some one open this blend and render or preview this to ensure this is not my own user error, and would like some help :frowning:


Error.blend (149 KB)

Forgot to mention this happens on almost everything I attempt on this computer, but not on my other pc, the primary differences between this pc(not working) and working are (Vista-NvidiaGeForce8400)(not working) and (Xp-Intel integrated- Functioning. )


However, it goes if you zoom in enough, and doesn’t reappear when you zoom out, also it shows only in render preview and not in final render…

Anyway…I think you should have posted this in support forums and not in WIPs…

Here is another example with a linked identical copy


i dont see anything wrong, but you posted in the wrong forum

U don’t see the black shaded area that should be shaded not flat black…

Also these sections always do this in render and preview, but not in z-buffer or editing and I have other differences from render and edit window,

Also How do I get my thread moved?


Is this a video card shader issue? :eek: ?

A lil help plz :confused:

or all ur bases will b belonging to us…:yes::yes::yes:

hmmmm now its gone…

the last image looks like it’s a normals issue. Check your normals. do ctrl+n to recalculate them outside, just in case you didn’t think of that already.