Still having issues using the snapping fuction, I need help!!!!!! Please :(

I have an object(A) that needs to be placed on the face of another mesh object(B). But I want to move it around within that face, so it can be positioned correctly. I would like to Object A to be halfway median on object B’s face. If I do this will it match the angle or angles of the face?
What are the different ways one can do this?

In context
Object A is window mesh (Cube) and Object B is the Bow of a spaceship. And so I need to place these window objects (A) along the face of Object B.

Any advise or suggestions from my fellow humans? :yes:

Thank for the tutorial, but I’m still having a hard time with this one. I followed the steps, but the object B doesn’t rest upon object A.

Is it possible to select the two faces of the objects that press a key to snap them together??:eek:

show screenshot, if you have placed the origin point where it should be for the object B and setup the snapping option correctly, it should work.

Make sure to apply rotation/scale before , in object mode CTRL+A-> rotation&scale in case you have rotated/rescaled in object mode any of the objects.

Okay I’ll give that a try.

I did it again, I must be doing somthing wrong… I’m including the .blend file. The window object is called : “WindoSideSmall” And the target location is on the front side bow of the ship, the area is green (I removed the texture).


CW-League-DestroyerClass.blend (1.38 MB)

Select your cube. See where the origin is? Way down there on the planet surface. That’s your problem. Follow the steps that Sanctuary gave you until the origin is exactly where you want it and that’s what will snap to that face.
For starters you can do transform > origin to geometry to get it in orbit and then fine tune its location.

Also: Your spaceship has unapplied scales all over, and the face you are trying to snap to is a nonplanar ngon. Both of these but especially the last are tripups for snapping to a face! If your face is nonplanar, then blender is going to give it a face normal that may not be what you might expect. In fact that particular face is turned inside out. Fix that too…

In fact, the ship needs attention to its geometry way more than it needs windows. Just saying. Think about it this way: each one of those windows is 96 verts. The whole forward section is less than 600 verts, yet it’s at least 700 times the size of that window. That’s not an efficient distribution of resources! or your time!

Thanks for pointing that out I’ll fix the geometry before I had the windows.The windows is should be be really small in comparison to the rest of the ship. But what your saying is to lower the amount of verts on the windows first, before placing them because its to much geometry/detail for that small of an object?

Also the ship will be flat, so I dont plan on subdividing or smoothing, so in that case Ngons would be okay??

Nonplanar ngons are always bad. They cause shading and rendering anomalies. Although i have no idea what you want to do with this ship, I suggest that even ‘flat’ objects should have some bevel at the edges to look and render as a real object. The bevel on the window is wasted whereas a bevel on the ship’s edges would enhance it. It’s a matter of taste… and consistency!

Edit: so I thought I would just edit your mesh a little to show you how to clean it up. I started at the nose but had to give up after a hundred or so mesh problems corrected and several hundred more to go. I think you have some of every single problem - overlapping faces, nonmanifold geometry, hidden doubles… I can’t even estimate how long it would take. A quick method would be to use remove doubles with a very wide threshold, but I believe that would change quite a bit of geometry that you might want to keep!

Your modeling methods need to be more organized, you need to learn what these errors are and how to avoid them, and you need to start with a much simpler subject. Sorry to be so harsh, but better you hear this earlier than later.

I have attached the little bit of work so you can compare the nose area differences. In edit mode, wireframe view, with nothing selected, from the select menu hit nonmanifold edges and watch the mesh light up. All those are mesh errors waiting to be fixed. To see the before picture you can open your original and do the same…


CW-League-Destroyed.blend (1.83 MB)

Thanks for the advice. I’m recreating a ship, so it has to be exactly the same. Like if one would redo a star wars ship or something.
There is an add on I downloaded to blender called MeshLink, It shows all of my geometry errors, but im not sure how to fix all of them. It would’ve been nice to have that from the beginning, so I can catch the errors has I go. Is there a general guide available that shows how to fix each of the problems you mentioned?

Non-man-geometry are two edges close to each other?
Also If I add a slight bevel to some of ships edges, will it alter the shape a lot, (other then rounding the edge of course)

Non-manifold means that an edge is connected to less or more than two faces. Blender allows nonmanifold structures, because there is a practical use for having objects that are one sided and therefor have a border along which all the edges only belong to one face. But when you have this sort of thing in a solid object, you have shading errors and normal problems. In your case you have many adjacent faces that are not connected and overlap each other slightly.

The other nonmanifold problem is when an edge has more than two faces attached to it, and you had some of those too. This usually happens when you extrude an edge which Blender also allows, for certain practical uses, but in general you should stick to extruding faces.

There is no one way to fix these problems but in your case you might try turning on automerge snapping in the header and then moving each vertex to the one it should be connected to, until the snap symbol appears, at which point the two will become one - if they can. But if you are not careful you will snap a vertex to another that is not on the edge of the geometry, and you will create more, not fewer, nonmanifold structures!

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. Last night it took me like 3 hours to fix the nose of the ship, its a lot of work, but fixable. :slight_smile:

Since You been so helpful I have another question about “Unapplied Scales”. What is that? If I understand correctly, you have to reset the scales of objects back to 0,0,0?

To apply the transformations you did to an Object (rotation and scale) in Object Mode, press CTRL+A then select “Rotation&Scales” , in Edit Mode transformations you do on a Mesh do not require you to apply them.

I I had two other threads about this, but I’m still not having much success. The other threads pretty much died. I tried to follow there advice but its not working when I’m actually doing it. It dose not work how I want it to, and its driving me crazy, because my model needs this. Now I may be misunderstanding what is being told me, so all of this is probably my fault (that I don’t understand). I need someone to walk me through this.

Okay, so I have an Object “A” (a spaceship Bow). This object has two angles "“Imagine a arrowhead type shape” So there is a steep angle, and at the same time its being pulled in, so there are two types of angles along this face. So if you were looking at this from a top orthographic view it would become more narrow as you get closer to the top of the this arrowhead type shape. In this case Object A are made up of four sided faces, all at slightly different angles.

Now Object B is a square (cube) shaped window that is small in comparison to the target face of Object A. Now what I want to do is to be able to place Object B onto the face of Object A. In other words I want to move Object B along the face/normal of Object A. I need to do this on both the left & right side of the ship (Object A). My window has a loop down the center so I want it to be applied to the face of Object A, but on the median (the center loop cut of Object B). The goal is to have all the angles on both object A and B line up.

What I have been doing is very time consuming, I was manually doing this, I don’t like it because each window is a bit, Because there are two types of angles, it makes it hard to eyeball it into its proper position. The goal is to line the sides of the ship with these windows, probably 25+ on both sides. So I need a quick, easy method of doing this. I’m not very smart, so if you have directions for me, I need it spelled out for me, so I can follow it, and see what I’m doing wrong. I haven’t had much luck with Blenders snap functions, but perhaps I’m doing something wrong, so can you all give me a list of different ways to achieve this? Any addons that would allow one to move a object within the face of another in an intuitive way???:spin:

Here is the .Blend **The location is the rim that goes along the outside of the ship, it already has one window placed where it should be. Now I have a particular pattern of window positions that must go around the ship both left and right sides.


CW-League-DestroyerClass1.blend (1.47 MB)

Hi I thought you were given pretty good advice, and I also put my two cents in. … Starting a new thread won’t bring any new ideas in, just confuses the people who will give you the same advice as before. If that advice didn’t work we need to know why.

As I remember, you did not have a reference, maybe you should show us what you are trying to make instead of just telling us ‘It didn’t work.’ I don’t mean your model, but the picture that you are working from.

DruBan ~ The references I have wouldnt be much use, because there very poor, not clear images, plus there are well over 100 of them. So when I moddeled the space craft I had to use a ruler to guesstimate and eyeball it, so I can get the shape right. That part is good, it almost looks pretty close to the original. Its just the images wont illustrate the part of the ship that I’m talking about.

I just found a Addon on for Blender called “Align By Faces”

This addon seams to work, ok for the moment, it did place the window (ObjectA) to the Ship (ObjectB) so now its flush with the face… So right now I’m going to see how it looks, and if I can move ObjectA around on the face of Object B.

Also there seams to be a problem with my faces, because I cant even add loopcuts… My model still has non-manifold geometry that needs fixing, among other things. But I just want to know who I would place these windows along the side. Nothing seems to work. So I may have to pull the plug on this for now. The align by faces may work properly if the target face is error free, there must be something wrong since loop cuts wont show. :frowning:

A good workflow would be to fix basic problems first before adding to the mesh! Also it’s usually good practice to throw a mesh away and start over rather than spending lot of effort fixing it. It always comes out better the scond time.

because I cant even add loopcuts…

When loop cut do not show, that does not necessary means that model is bad. All it means is that loop cut operation is running into N-gons or triangular faces. Loop cut will not go through those faces.

What you have is a really complex model. Looks like you were happy just adding hull panel after panel without planing out the mesh flow. That’s ok to get the idea flushed out. Now you need to clean it up.

First, since what you are trying to model is symmetrical, cut the model in half. You can always create the other side by using mirror modifier. That will reduce your workload by half. Cutting them in half will expose the inside of model as well. This will make it easier to locate problem areas.

Most of those hull panel is not flat, they are warped! Its impossible to try to align anything to those surfaces! To make the panel flat, in edit mode select the face, change to Normal Transform Orientation, The normal axis will show on the panel, switch to vertex mode so that four corner vertex are lit up. Scale in Z axis to zero, you need to hit S, and Z, Z, then enter “0”. To do all that, there should be no bevel around the edge of panel. You need to erase those feature.

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