Still having problems with my mapping and texturing..

I’m still having problems getting an envmap and a textured image on the same object?? One cancels the other for some reason.

Would someone be willing to look at my simple file if I emailed it to them?

Its a cylinder on a plane and i want the plane to have a texture of wood and I want the plane to reflect. I can get it to reflect without the wood but not with :frowning:



you can e-mail me, if you want,

but first check the COL slider beneath the Texture button.

If it is up to 1 then what happens is normal, the color of the image/envmap completely covers the textures on previous channels.

Try setting it down to 0.5 for BOTH and re.-remder

then strat playing more with numbers



That was it man! After I slid it over a bit, the texture, the mapping came out fine!

Here this should help out alot.