still image network render

This stems from another thread. Does anyone know of, or is it possible to create, a script that allows single images (not an animation) to be network rendered. Maybe one that farms the image out to networked machines, renders a separate part of each image, then brings them back stitched as a final render.
I know nothing about python so no idea how difficult this is.

I wrote one a while back called blenderfarm. possibly still works- breqaks into tiles and all pcs render the tiles over the filesystem.

  • Cam

Script is here
which was mentioned on’s page (which has gone missing) here
blenderfarm discusion
but can be found in Google’s cache here
and apparently could use some work. Script returns an error bpydatabfarm.conf is missing. But what to put in there. Discusion mentions a path but in what form.

Now that I have another machine I’d like get it running as a slave. Especially the tile based concept so that a single frame could be rendered in parallel by multiple machine. Ah well. Maybe Orange will put something together.