Still images from finished sidekick project.

Hi again,

This first image is a still from the animation I posted before.

This is a montage showing the design and building progression for this project.

Thanks for looking and to everyone who kindly offered their advice on this project.


They both seem to be the same image. Cool to see the project laid out like this.

  1. pofo

Very nice job!!! It defiantly has that over exagerated musculature that comic heros and villans are famous for, good work!!! Is he all rigged up and ready for animation?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Pofo, sorry for the double image, something messed up in the upload, I shall repost the still from the anim shortly.

Matt, yes he is all rigged up and ready to go. Animation will come once my head calms down from finishing him in time for the comp.

Thanks for the words


Okay, you should now be able to view the first image in the first post.

If it is taking ages to display the image, please let me know.