Still images heavily preferred

hello, so I’ve been browsing the site for a bit now and I’ve noticed throughout the months that still images are heavily preferred in terms of getting featured and animations, loops, simulations, are not. is it a site limitation because it’s hard to display videos in the featured bar or is it just a general preference and dislike for Instagram style loops?

Disclaimer: i mostly do loops and simulations so my opinion is obviously bias

For a fact it’s just lazier to make, load and see stills :upside_down_face: I believe

There’s no bias from us - we do feature animations.

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I think it is just a matter of there being vastly more stills than animation.

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Makes sense

can you expand further? I don’t really understand

Sorry if the post came off as negative or confrontational i was just curious and didn’t mean to be negative, thanks for the reply

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Lazier = Easier

Majority of creatives nowadays, when flashing for eyes while life passes by to amuse the mindless, prefers simple tasks to fulfill the need to reward the attention seeking Ego. There’s really no need, no patience or perseverance to strive for more. The sickness of the millennials.
But finally, same majority enjoys the emotive pleasures given to them by moving pictures much, much more.

For example, observe the broad uniformation of social behavior while paying attention to details… What and how do they consume it all? To answer your own question, go places and compare number of photo gallery visitors to those visiting movie theaters. Slow food VS fast food eaters… yet, none of those is starving. Strange. ha…
Shows that when the fear is near, the heart & the mind are at opposing ends. Thus, them follow… :wink:

Look at how many are afraid to have time at disposal and simply do nothing… or worse, to help the weak. Are them really the strong ones?

so if making animations is just a matter of mindset, then make us some movies mr zen master :popcorn:

Truth be told though, the creation of high quality animation has become a heck of a lot more accessible with Eevee (because you can have minutes of frames rendered within hours rather than in several or more days like with Cycles). You sacrifice some realism, but the only alternative is a renderfarm service and you have to pay for those.

That said, it would be wrong to generalize still creators as lazy, as many obviously put a lot of work into highly-detailed pieces.

Yeah i agree simple and easy doesn’t equal lazy, if someone makes a cube in blender and lots of people like it then what’s the issue? i don’t like this mindset people have with policing art based on complexity. I recently posted something in the art section of reddit and it blew up with lots of likes and i was reading the comments and most of them were positive except one that said “how is this art!!! I can do it in blender in 5 minute!!!” or something like that I’m paraphrasing

master does not serve the needy

and moving pictures take exponentially more time… summa summarum, some hundreds of human life spans

some really do love art, but majority simply loves to look at pictures of cats

Art… is what lightless mind can’t fully embrace, but still can enjoy for the mastery engraved (certain aesthetic rules)…
It is just what I observe and I only advise to start observing, not going philosophical about it - these are just simple conclusions, sums from experience - anyways - with knowledge (evolved brain) helps human to See Art

Ive always wondered why you dont see more animations… isn’t that the main lure of 3D?! to be able to move around a simulated 3D environment … hmm

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remember art?
it is not lazy per-se, just hard to take a grip on, tho still enjoyable
here’s an example, or rather an exception

It’s an extremely large medium so i don’t think there’s a main lure

For me, it’s being able to make highly realistic imagery with perfect perspective, something that can’t easily be done in normal painting or drawing.

I’ve thought about animation, but I already have a tiny art business that revolves around the creation of stills. You can’t place animation in physical formats like prints. Plus, I have more freedom as to the resolution as it would be HD or bust if I did animation (started at 1000x1000, recently bumped to 1250x1250).


We just featured an animation :angel: