Still Life: Apple and Jar

More testing of Povanim and its bump mapping features. Apple and Jar.
I missed a step when exporting the pot (not smoothed).

[edit]update below[/edit]

apple is way too shiny. I wouldn’t eat that, looks scary. :slight_smile:
you said you are testing out bump maps… where have you used bumpmaps in the pic?

anyways, nice overall colors. very calm.



Thanks for the reply and input.

Believe it or not the apple has a bump map on it. I think my pigment map (Povray terminology) ‘covers’ it up. Some apples are shiny, perhaps I over did it. The area lamp in the pic is 18 x 18 with adaptive set to 3 (smoother shadows).

I will take a shot at tweaking it next week as this file is not on my home pc.

whow, new tests, interesting.

Did you give a “bump_size” to the “normal” ?

The apple is also way to reflective.

Yes. According to the Povray documentation, max bump size is 5.0, which is what I set. But my bump map is 2048 x 2048, which may be why is doesn’t show up so well. I’m having a lot of fun playing with the script jms.

I currently only use the auto bump feature, then edit the syntax in Povray.

There will be more tests.

Maybe I also over did the reflectiveness on the skin. basse felt it was too shiny.

Here are some aplpes I found @ corbis.

view image

They were not my reference pics, I kind of just viewed a bunch of different images and just went from there.

I think there are both shiny, reflective apples as well as dull, less reflective apples. Maybe my choice of yellowish lighting washes out the red in the pigment map. The power of the lamp is also set to 2.

I will keep working at it, I need also these critiques to get better.

Thanks everyone.

Perhaps it’s overly waxed. :smiley:

If you look REALLY cosely, you can see the apple in the jar’s reflection of the apple’s reflection of the jar.


But this looks really good. Jees!!



I find this latter much better :slight_smile:


Thanks Stefano.

Once I get better at creating bump, texture and pigment/color maps my renders will improve. I’m finding I missed out on a lot of power by not playing more with Povanim and Povray when I first tried them out. A lot of the features that will be included in Yafray are already in Povray. That is of course because of its longer history and development. But I encourage everyone to visit Jms’ site play with Povanim and see what it can do.