Still Life: Bricks and Jars

Workflow: Wings 3D > UV Mapper> Blender > Povray.

Hm. Why would one use UV Mapping for a scene such as this?

Everything would map just fine cubically, I’d think.

Just curious: and the noise! Ow!


the light streak from the window is fucking everything up. try adding more objects aswell, and change the texture of either the floor or the brick “platform”.

Hi Bischofftep,

UV mapping was chosen so that the texture will wrap around corners and edges, although my uv mapping is no where near perfect. The other reason was so I could export the textures to Povray.

The noise you see was used to get the atmosphere effect (halo) from the lighting.


Thanks for the reply. I fought with the halo coming in from the window a lot. I kept it only because it gives the effect I was going for.

I probablly would have saved people here the frustration, by saying the pic is just a test of uvmapping (bump + textures) and radiosity with Povray (Povanim). I know there is a lot wrong with this scene for sure!

ec2: the halo is a good idea, but you need more depth in the pic to make it work. make the camera capture a larger space is what i mean.

That is good advice. I made this as a quick setup and once I made the first test render, the attention to detail went out…well…the window.

That is something I need to work on. Camera placement.

Thanks again.

im glad i could help.

In case anyone is wondering:

The wall and platform are one mesh, the stairs are a mesh, the floor is just a plane and the jars are one mesh duplicated a few times. For lighting there are two spotlights, and the one from the window is set up to interact with the atmosphere.

I wonder how much better the radiosity would have been if the “room” was closed off, except for the window.