Still Life: Cans

hehe those cans appear to be made of nickle silver rather than tin, but silver is good too,…might cost a few pennies extra,…

Huh? Removed?

Blender Stucci and Cloud materials applied (low settings). Raytraced shadow lamps added.

Same as above with Photoshop Auto Levels and Auto Color adjustments applied.

I took down the images due to lack of interest. I put them back after seeing your post.

Wow! Those are uncanny cans! Very cool, except I would lower the RayMIR. Also decrease the NOR, and decrease hard and spec. And Use ray-shadows too. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply lemmy. The second and third images use the raytraced shadows.

I fought alot with the shaders and texture, they still aren’t the greatest.