Still Life: Orange , Apple, Glass

old image

update below
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excellent work !
I like your attention to details.

now we can get our fruits and make a wwfw (world wide fruit web :slight_smile: )

Those are great materials.
The orange looks a little in the spec area.

  1. pofo

garbager -

Thanks that is a compliment coming from you. You are an excellent 3d talent. I doing a lot of modeling research on sub division and nurbs techniques so I can get better.

Yes we should open a fruit market. I just went to the grocery store across from my job, I think we can take 'em! Your work in the Finished Projects forum sparked this.

That orange looks rotten youd better toss it :), Dang fine work.


sweet. If I were hungry right now, I might try reaching into the screen.
keep it up!

the glass looks a bit like its hovering - but otherwise its beautiful :wink:

That´s great, but maybe the apple´s “hole” on the top starts to wiedn to early? It´s a little to wide I think.

Clawz - The floating apperance came from a failed atept at suggesting refraction.

Thanks. That was bothering me too. I got so caught up in the texturing and lighting.

Re-work here. Apple tweaked, glass seated a little better.

that apple is photoreal man!!!

the orange… a little shiny…(IMO, but then again, it IS one of those highly processed painted oranges you buy…even so its a tad shiny I think)


Thanks, the apple is the first object I created using spin in Blender (and 3D in general), and it can be a challenege to try and texture. So it appears in my work often. Sorry about the orange, it is my first attempt.
Overall, I like seeing what’s possible with Blender’s procedurals.

The apple is definitely great. Looks amazing. For the orange, maybe try upping the scale on the noise/stucci texture, (not sure which one you used). I think that will help, having more dimples in the skin. The colour almost seems to be too saturated on the orange as well.

The glass needs a serious envmap to make it look better, IMO. I think you have the spec and hard values correct, just needs the reflections.


How did you light that scene?

Also for an added affect, you should but the objects on some kinda drop cloth that is wrinkled up.

I remember my art teacher said today were doing a still live. She took a blanket and threw it on the table, she took a bag wadded it up then tossed it up there, took a soda can crunched it and threw it up there. We hada draw all that krap lol

I like still lifes and yours looks real!

The orange is too lumpy.
The specular highlights need to be corrected.
The bumps are too small.
It Spec value is too high.


Thanks. I used a cloud and stucci texture on the orange. Whenever I adjust the values on them to be higher, I didn’t like the results. The orange could have a lower Ref value (diffuse). I have a env map on the glass already, with a low value. With a higher value the glass ecomes darker, as it should, because the environment is dark. I’ve played alot with these settings to varied results. I’ll play around with it more later.


I lit the scene with 6 off white spots (built off 3 point lighting) and 5 lamps with the sphere button turned on. 3 lamps are giving off negative light (button on), at or near the base of the objects. The other two are colored lamps at or near the center of the apple (red lamp) and orange (orange lamp) to 'fake a little radiosity on the floor. I’ve been in art classes where similiar things happen to me, I like drawing, I just don’t do it as often as I should. I also like still life, I seem to be ‘stuck’ on it in my early 3D renders. And I try, perhaps too much for realism. At them moment I’m on a procedural kick, but soon I will start with my ow texture maps. I’m just having fun with Blender.


Thanks for the crit. I just went with what I feel comfortable with, as every thing varies.