Still Life: Red Dice (HDRI)


Update Below

very nice. I like the plastic look of the dice.


Thanks. I was heavily influenced by dittohead’s Yahtzee post.

Wow! what was this rendered with? and how did you get it to render that way? just curious-
(great work ec2)


Thanks for the comments.

I modeled the dice in Wings 3D, and imported them into Blender. Then I exported them using jms’ Povanim script to MlPov, a patched version of PovRay 3.5, which supports HDRI.

I set up the red pigment to have a plastic like apperance, and a low reflective finish. I then set up the scene to use an HDR image and rendered with radiosity. There are no lights, as the radiosity and HDR image wor to illuminate the scene.’s tutorialHDRI & Luminance space.

By the way, the bevels on my dice are HUGE! But I just needed to get the render out of my system.

Nice render. Yes, the bevels are way too big, but hey, who cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually get rid of the reflective floor on this one and go for more of a felt look, like it was actually a table in a casino. The floor detracts from this one I think.

Keep up the good work!


Updated modeling and floor texture.
Second Render

Update on Page 2.

now that looks cool, just need to bevel the table… it kind of, um… just stops at the top there, a lot of contrast


Thanks again for the reply. I just cropped the image instead.

maybe you could build in some nice caustics :slight_smile:

… btw i dont like the new floor …


Thanks for the reply. I’m 50/50 on the floor myself.

There are no light sources in my scene so in MlPov no caustics will be rendered. In addition I don’t think my models are accomodating for producing caustics.

I’ve done a few renders with lights and no caustics appear. I’m pretty sure I would have to model the di to be hollow, whereas now they are not. I just ‘told’ MLPov they were with my pigment and interior settings.

ok the dice look nice


TABLE the felt texture is too big, and needs a crazily detailed spec map. (like super fine) and pretty faint spec map at that.

also the shadows look very strange!?!?!

thats all

p.s. the smaller beavels are nicer


<delted message>


Thanks for the reply. I figured the felt texture could be too big. Not sure I want to add specularity to ‘felt’.

I will adjust the radiosity settings to address the shadow problems.

hum, i am not yet as good in pov lightning, that i could really say, if there should b caustics or not - i just think, that every curved glass objekt could produce some … is the hdri-image equal to a lightsource, technicaly? to an area light? - im sry, but i dont have any experience with hdri, just read the little tut :wink:

i am going to test a few pov-things in a cornell-room :slight_smile:
… i would like to do the same experiments in yafray - but i dont like its output yet :wink:
but lightflow is all the time the best, i could imagine - its a pitty, that it does no longer work on updateted debian systems :roll:
if i arrive at get a working lf, i probably would test it as well :wink:

Update. I think I will call it a day on this. Radiosity adjustments. Felt texture adjustment.


My short answer is that the HDR image provides the lighting information for a given scene.

Long answer provided on’s tutorialHDRI & Luminance space.

the tut i know :slight_smile:
i just discovered, that you have to activate caustics in povray …
… and that they changed the whole cordinatesystem since my last version :roll: - glass incs as well …

Yep, texture is too big and the dice seem to be floating. I do lke the new table though. I think it is more fitting for dice.