Still life scene

Here is a little nice still life scene. Modeled and rendered in Blender and textured in Substance Painter, a little polish done in PS. Hope you like it.


very good job, i like the textures.
i would like to know how it works with substance and blender.
(this two objects would perfectly fit into one of my scenes :smiley: )
i like it!
but one little thing - maybe a little bit filllight would be nice?

Nice job you have done, but I think I’ll pass this cup though :slight_smile: :smile:
The cup and the teapot look somewhat suspicious.

Thanks xeonow. Blender and Painter is not as difficult as it looks. On youtube are some nice intro tutorials for Painter. But for first you need to UV unwrap your model properly to achieve good textures result and then just play and have good time with Painter :slight_smile:

I have thought about fill light but I didn’t like the result :slight_smile:

Thanks Tiku_67!

does the unwrapping have to be good or is it enough to use smart uv unwrapping?

Yep the unwrap it should be good. But It depends if smart uv will be enough, you need to pay attention of streching and that sort of things. The color grid texture in UV editor is very helpful in this process.

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