Still Life setting

I probably have a few adjustments to make on the lighting but thoughts??

looks a bit cramped. I think you need to work on the composition. Square is a difficult format.
Teapot looks like it’s halfway through the back wall.

Cup and saucer look ok. Vase and teapot need some texturing, i think. And maybe try a different lighting, as you said. And give the render a lot more samples.

Some work on the materials, and it’ll look good! Keep it up!!

You might want to search for oil paintings of this type of subject for more inspiration. It can help for composition ideas, lighting, color, etc.

Here’s a basic search that will need refining (“oil painting” “still life” dishes):"oil+painting"+"still+life"+dishes&oq="oil+painting"+"still+life"+dishes&gs_l=img.3...81350.88420.0.89060.…0…1c.1.64.img…0.0.0.QnofldvQFPU

do you have fresnel on your peices, this will really improve your materials: here look at this, this really helped me:

It looks good so far. You could use some noise or musgrave texture to manipulate the roughness of your glossy shaders, especially on the vase and teapot.
I would turn the roughness a bit down and as I said mix some procedural texture into it for descreet variation.

Maybe a rough noise texture for for a tiny little bit of bump could help too.

Also the teapot looks a bit too metallic, turn the diffuse/glossy factor a little bit down and/or use fresnel.