Still life study

Created this still life as a task for my next Blender lecture.
And it’s fun to test cycles also.
(I know, I know… cloth is not very good and all is too clean and shiny. But… I tried and tried but was not able to make a good cloth sim… it was going through itself all the time at some places even with high quality settings. Had to correct it in sculpting… hmmm)

I like the materials and the lights setup.:yes:

nice work!

Great job, not to clean at all in my opinion. The picture is clean to so why add the grudge? just because it’s more of a mess to create dirty looking materials in blender people seem to think that it is ‘bad’ to have a clean scene because they seem to think that you didn’t add the filth because you do not have the skill… well to damnation with that! Clean is nice too every once in a while ;).
I love it.

very nice!

Thank you! (: