Still Life **Updated**

I’ve been working on this for a while. I’m very very new to blender so it started out as just me trying to create a flower. Once I figured my way around blender, I decided to try and make a still life out of the original flower. After alot of help in the Focused Critique forum, this is what I came up with. Don’t laugh :expressionless:

Looks good!
A few hints/crits:
All the objects apart from the flower appear to be in the standard Blender material. Try changing this - it’s just anyone who works with Blender gets sick of that putrid plastic material! :slight_smile:
The lighting of the flower makes it very difficult to see where the near edge ends (at least on my screen). Try lighting it so that the inner and outer have different shades. Translucency might help.

I updated it. I think it looks better too personally. I was trying to go artistic with only the flower being colored, but I agree it looks better with the vase and bowl colored instead of blender grey.

Something’s wrong with the bowl’s shadow. Is it transparent or something? Anyway, it looks fine for a beginner project, but I think you could light it better, those spotlight rings are sort of distracting.

The eye is drawn to the bottom of the vase because it’s brightest. You should focus one light on the flower so it’s the brightest part of the render.

I like the flower and I like the arrangement, but it could be improved if your model had more “anatomical” parts, like a pistil, stamen, you know. And the transition from stem to flower needs to be smoothed out. Very rarely do things in nature change in a on/off fashion.