Still Life **Updated**

Still working on this still life - the pears need better textures and the wine bottles need something more interesting to reflect – would I use and Env Map? (Only problem is I don’t know how to use these;))
As you may have guessed from the DOF I’ve rendered this in Yafray. I’m having trouble with the materials for the wine bottles though - can’t find a balance between reflectivity and transparency (using the coloured glass setting). Any tips on this? and C&C on the scene in general? Thanx in advance.

Quick update:

Sorry about the small render, larger one coming soon. I want to acheive the effect of a bright “rectangle” of light coming through the window and falling over the pears/wine bottles. Any ideas on this?

Are you using a picture for reference or something right in front of you? To get the right effect with the glass you need to use the fresnal shader. I know a tutorial that describes it in detail,I will post it as soon as I can. As for envoronment maps I can’t help you on that as I have not experimented with them yet. Could you post the blend file?

You could try a volumetric spolight set a good distance from the window, but since you are using YafRay, I am not sure how well that will work

Exactly:p. But I’ll experiment around. Maybe the tutorial is part of “blender 3d: noob to pro?”
Well here’s a bigger render (time 25 mins), although nothing is actually changed yet…

The models need more subsurf and the anti-aliasing should be higher. Also, if you want crisper AA at the expense of a little time, set the filter type to cubic and set the filter amount to 1.5

Do you mean the wine bottle models? Or the pears? And I’m not finding the way to change the filter settings…:confused:

Thought I’d try my hand at using nodes, and here’s the result after 42 minutes of rendering.