Still Life - Wine / Glass

This is a basic still life to focus on glass / metallic textures and lighting. I think this looks “ok” at the moment and would like to improve all of the above to achieve more realism. Hard crits, recommendations welcome!!

One challenge in particular is how best to render with image textures. Tried a couple of versions with Yafray and Internal engine. Various settings seem to delete the image texture for the label. This version is Yafray with a superimposed label from an internal render.

Thanks for any guidance!

  • Brent

I dont know if its supposed to be sitting on a couch or what but the texture of what its sitting on could be better. Also, the red foil on the top of the wine bottle looks kind of fake. It usually is more “crinkly.” Its looking good so far though.

IMHO the lighting on the bottle is too bright, it’s obscuring the print on the label, also the bottle and wine glass/goblet aren’t casting any shadows.


Are you using two spotlights, or is that a lightbulb I see in the reflection? I don’t like the lighting at all. Do you know what three point lighting is? It’s not the best for all renders, but it’s a great place to start with almost any render.

3 pt. Lighting is very simple and easy to learn. Basically you have A)spotlight in front of subjects. B) a fill light off to the side to lessen hard shadows. C) a backlight which is softer and is used to fill any unsightly areas behind the subjects.

Just google it and you’ll find lots of info. Position your lights in the normal 3 point stance, then work with your lighting from there to achieve the look you want. That’s how they do it in real life studios and on location. You may add more lighting or even remove a light based on your needs. But I’ve found it’s good to start with the 3 point lighting, because at least you’ll start out with a decent render, and that’s always a good starting point.

Obviously with hard shadows, you’d have to remove the back light. And the fill light moves based on what you’re shooting, and the angle of the camera, textures, etc.

I think the modelling is excellent, it’s def. the lighting. Though not sure if it’s specularity on your glass materials or the lights too bright, but the white spots are too hard. Real glass emits just a glimmer. Just that little bit that makes your head turn. Look at the base of the wine glass. Now that’s what I’m talking about.