Still life with grapes and apple

This is a 3D remake of Alexei Antonov’s oil painting. You can see reference image here:
My result:

Clay render:


Very renaissance like. Great job.

You really got the look.
Excellent work.

@WeakFredo Thank you!
@Wasfi_Akab Thank you! I really wanted to convey not the modern mood of this image.
Glad you liked it.

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Nailed it! Lovely, bravo!


The attention to detail in this piece is praiseworthy, perfectly approached to confer a consistent and compelling sense of intricate beauty throughout the image.

I hope this finds its rightful place in the Featured Row.

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impressive. this really looks lika an old fashioned painting. nailed it on the materials for the grapes though :slight_smile:

This is an insane amount of attention to detail! I love how it almost looks like an actual painting. Great work

This is awesome, realistic but painting-like at the same time, I really love it!

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Now, this is one of the most refined and artistically wholesome pieces I’ve seen here in a long time. Great work man, keep it up. :ok_hand:

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Actually, I’m very surprised at this attention to my work. :smiley:This is my first time in the Featured row :smiley: I’m glad as never before!
Many thanks to all for the positive evaluation and kind words!

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Wow, this is awesome! Could you give some information, how you did the shader for the grapes?

So the painting is realism, and your render is a 3D version of a painting portraying realism. This is really good.

Did you use handpainted textures or prodecurally generated materials?
Im kinda intrigued on how to achieve similar depth with non photo realistic looks
It looks rly cool, hopping to see your own compositions with similar finishings

this is like Paprika: representations inside representations

Almost all the textures were hand painted, except for:

  • green grapes - practically procedural, only one black and white texture used
  • grape vines - fully procedural
  • leaves - just used the picture found in the web

The branch near the apple was painted in Blender, the rest was painted in Substance painter.

Damn! this is outstanding! congrats man!

Sweat !
thanks man this is really useful

This is really beautiful …
My interests are similar to yours. Here are my grapes:

I think yours are a little better - which is interesting as I know how hard they are to do.