Still life

With this scene I tried to improve my skills in lighting, to achieve a painterly look in Blender. Materials and textures adjusted in blender nodes (check out the triplanar node setup on blendswap), skull in substance painter, some generation in B2M. Final render at 8000 samples and AI denoise for the last speckles (3hrs, ecycles on 1070). Check here for some of my other projects.

Pear scan by bfg900 (bfg900 (@bfg900) - Sketchfab)
Lewis Chessmen scan by The British Museum (The British Museum (@britishmuseum) - Sketchfab)
Griffon Vase scan by, Conseil des musées (, Conseil des musées ( - Sketchfab)
Skull scan by by Dr Mariano Coretti (

Blender 2.8, Substance Painter 2019, B2M 3