still life

Made for a contest(given topic: still life)… Rendered with indigo, it’s quite an old pic x)

I’ve almost forgotten to upload the picture itself XD


Great job! The fork can use a bit of work, it looks way to flat, other then that, it’s really good! I am wondering something…

How did you make the wine bottle? Like the reflections shine and the glassy look? Sorry to ask you but can I see your settings? And also the wine glass they look really life-like! Great job!

I think the cheese is what lets down this picture, it looks too perfect.

Well the material of the bottle needed some renders to set up a more or less correct material, for there are a lot of things to pay attention to when you’re working with indigo(as of making the picture). I don’t know how it goes now, I’m not using indigo renderer anymore. But here are my settings.