Still Life

All done in Blender.

Very nice render. Rubix cube faces are not beveled though, and they haven’t been that shiney since the 80’s when they used plastic stickers. Just sayin. Damn good render.

Great render indeed. A bit too bloomy though.

This was actually a study of real life… and made similar to this photo. So rubix cube actually has beveled edges. Maybe this is not used in official contests… don’t know. :slight_smile:

Is this Cycles? If yes, how did achieve the tonemapping?

Really great. Awesome lighting and render.

amazing realism.great render.did you make a hdri of the room for lighting?

Amazing how close you are to the photo! I think you’ll surely take it as a compliment if I ask you to show us some wire renders :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone!
There is only one area light as window and few cubes in right places with simple materials as furniture.
And yes, it’s Cycles, but I just used my eye to color correct the image… didn’t think much about specific tone mapping.

Here are nodes for CC:

Hope this is useful to someone. :slight_smile:

I love it!

Can you tell me how you did those excellent wireframes?

Yes, that is great… although would be great if it would be possible to just enable those lines with just one click and without joining geometries.