still life

Hi, it’s my first attempt to make still life image. What do you think of it ? what can I improve ? light, material or models ?
I’m looking forward to hear your opinion about this image.
PS I know that i can increase samples

Nice post helps me alot thanks.

anosh g

The oranges look great, however I feel that the skin is a little too bumpy. I would also move it up so that the bottom of the bowl is not cut off by the image.

thanks for comment

What do you think about it now ?

That background color is a bit distracting. Try making it black, or better yet, put some kind of element of interest back there, like a drapey cloth. As far as the oranges go, the bumpiness was correct before. The stem is too green and the peel color and specularity are too uniform.

It’s definately better now. I disagree with Zeeke, the color is good, it compliments the Orange very well being on the opposite side of the color wheel. But it would look nice as a cloth like he said.

I’m personally on the side of a more subdued background. With the bright…er, orange subject, it just feels heavy handed. I think maybe wood panelling would help, or like Zeke Faust said, maybe a cloth to help break up the background. You might want to consider more dramatic lighting too. Less fill light, maybe with the main/key light a bit lower.

I’m going to side with the color is a tad distracting. While not enough to kill the piece, it’s enough that it initially caught my eye.

I would love to see what this looks like after you render it with some more samples so we can see the lighting from the glass better!

What do you think about this background ? Later on I will add wodden table, curtain and change a little bit shape and color of oranges.
Now i’m focus on background. Comments are welcome.

I think it’s finished. post what do you think about it . it’s low samples render because I didn’t wanted to waste time, if i did something wrong. Comment and say what can improve something.

you have a very very boring image, and there is nothing special about it. in order to make fruit work, you will have to do something with it. either add a lot of different fruit, and maybe more rare fruits that is not so common. maybe cut a fruit in half? also use a LOT of colors.

make the image interesting, and make it so that it takes time for the viewer to have seen everything. right now when i look at the image, i see a blinding window witch i dont want to look at, and a bowl full of oranges. done… now what?