Still life

Another attempt to make a still life. Textures and most of the post made in krita. Also I put some screenshots.


Wow very cool, those materials are briliant!
Just wonder what your going to cook with a cup of coffee, some lemons, strawberries, tomatos, milk, Orange juice, eggs and cheese :eek:

So realistic! Very well done. Top star from me. More info about nodes are would be great;)

Care to show some of your cool node setups?:eyebrowlift2:

No problem! Some node setups: cheese, strawberries and tomatoes :slight_smile:


neat clean and really nice looking render, loved it.

So photo real, that has to be one of the best looking tomatoes I have seen in 3D.

all good ,except lemons

awesome render… i loved cheese…


Many of the materials look just about perfect, the tomatoes for example are astoundingly realistic.

I don’t know whether or not the cheese material is missing anything though, I usually don’t see it in blocks like that (though I know it can come that way).

I’ll give some crit:

The textures have too much of “brush stroke” effect. Like the cutting board and the top of the cheese. The lemon look like they’ve been grown in a lab. Lemons are like snowflakes.

The scene is chaotic. Coffee, milk, and juice right next to each other. A lemon on the eggs? It’s so cramped with everything right next to each other.

The lightning is flat. Morning light is more suited here.

Excellent work. The textures look very natural. Nice!