still moments

sometimes i can make like 1 painting per day,other times i cant make 1 painting per week :slight_smile:

Man, your on fire! used any reference? only problem I see is the her nose, it looks like he’s kissing it…btw are you writing msgs on those likes? cause I see the word PC in there :slight_smile:

It looks like you paint your colours on a white background, then invert the colours (make a negative) and then adjust the hue to about 180 degrees.

Am I right? … Am I right? … Am I right? :smiley:

Looks great nontheless…

:slight_smile: …where do you see it?

hmm… :-? nope…i just paint with a black background,and i use the colors you see,i dont use filters or something,what i paint is what you see :slight_smile:

thanx for comments.

:slight_smile: …where do you see it?
On her hair, above and to the right of the eye…it’s upside down…
One thing I forgot to mention is that I like the way you did her hand, the shading, very nice!

thanx Cativo,glad you liked it.