still need a name for this one

if anyone here can think of a good name for this one, please help me…a female chest tutorial is also very needed!

it’s an angel who have seen blood/ death (havent decided yet if i’m gonna do a dead body there) for the first time!


comment please…

Ok, first things first, your pic doesn’t work, you need to link to here:

so it comes up like this:

Anyway, on to the picture itself, it’s kind of under-detailed, I mean, I don’t know how much time and effort you have to pu into this, but it really needs more detail. If I were you I’d cheat and get yourself a decent source pic, then put it in the background to model to.

The winge also are could do with more atention. If it were me I’d model the bone structure of them first, then add actuall feathers below it.

Another thing (hope I’m not writing too much) is the blood. The droplets are unrealistically big, in my opinion anyway, and also it might be more effective to have the blood pool a less regular shape.

Finally, it’d be nice to see her from a more frontal angle, mybe not completely head on, but just so you get the effect of her expression more.

Great concept though, can’t wait to see how it goes.

thank you for your replay!
about the wings, i was planning to do that! those wings are just placeholders, about the details- i think i’ll finish the main idea first and only then do the details… about the angle, maybe i’ll change it, but just a bit…about the drops-took your advice, and about the pool-i’ll do that tomorrow! meanwhile here is an update: