still no runtime export B2.45 on Intelmac

Hello every one,

I still can’t export my files as runtime, already used all tips and tricks mentioned in forum.
Trying to save a runtime I constatly get the error message: Unable to find runtime, as said before.

Set up is MacBookPro 15" running OSX 10.4.8

  • copied the Blenderplayer to various places
  • reinstalled Blender 2.45 completly new, all other versions removed
  • system was reinstalled entirely too before instaling Blender
  • python version checked

Using the PowerPC Blenderplayer instead of the Intelversion makes Blender find the player
but the runtime is not realy working: 6fps or less, even in an empty scene.

After looking around in the forum it seems the BlenderPlayer simply doesn’t work on any
Intelmac. I would really need some help with this.
Best and thanks.

I’m going to go report the issue to the bugtracker right now, I think the devs simply are not aware of the problem. Hopefully it will get fixed in 2.5

thanks plantperson
thought so myself but was not really shure wether it was a bug, but the proplem exists now since B2.44
best. r.